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Solutions for digital transformation, data protection, availability, and enhanced customer digital experience

Consumer focused organizations are faced with a new era of challenges to remain relevant and compete with modern tech-rich competitors. The blurring of lines between brick-and-mortar and digital shopping is one of the most disruptive trends seen in decades. The “I want it now and my way” and low-cost business models are shaping the world of consumers opening new opportunities and threatening traditional business models. Lastly protecting and harvesting the rich set of customers’ personal and metadata is both a challenge and golden opportunity.

Sample of Consumer Providers Using Nlyte Software

CONSUMER CASE STUDY:  Nlyte helped Walgreens quickly move their asset data from home-grown and inefficient solutions to Nlyte’s easy to use solution, for real-time tracking of adds, moves and changes.

How Nlyte helps consumer facing CIOs address their priorities

Edge Computing

To remain competitive, system response time is critical and moving compute resources to edge and remote locations is vital. Nlyte allows you to monitor the health of sites globally from a centralized management console.

Hybrid Compute Optimization

Knowing what you have and where it resides is your first step in optimizing your IT infrastructure. Nlyte provides comprehensive discovery, asset management, and power and space modeling to begin the process. Nlyte gives you the visibility and tools to understand and balance the cost and performance between data center, managed service providers, and cloud. Nlyte also gives you detailed information on system and application utilization to ensure spending is in line with user demand.

Workload Optimization

Trends, promotions, seasonal and regional activity all shift demand on the compute infrastructure. Nlyte helps you understand available capacity, the health of your compute sites, and with our machine learning predict optimal placement of workloads in advance.

Data Protection

Protecting your customers’ personal data is critical. It is even mandated in many regions such as GDPR in the EU. Nlyte provides you clear understanding of where customer data exists, its portability, the devices and networks associated with it, who has accessed the infrastructure and if it meets all firmware and software security requirements.

Solutions for Consumer Facing Organizations


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