DCIM Software for Healthcare

Ensuring Infrastructure Awareness, Resilience, and IT Optimization

From the compute infrastructure to the devices in a patient’s room, Nlyte monitors, analyzes, and keeps track of all things connected. It is important that the entire data center infrastructure works reliably and cost effectively while integrating effortlessly to other systems.

Nlyte ensures energy, space, and personnel are optimized and efficiently reacting to planned and unplanned changes avoiding disruption in patient care, research, and administration. Nlyte monitors and manages the Technology Asset stack to alert of potential issues and unplanned changes and additions reducing risk.

Sample of Top Healthcare Providers Using Nlyte Software

HEALTHCARE CASE STUDY:  Nlyte made it easy and quick for the company to track their assets and consolidate their facilities for better efficiency and cost savings.

Where Nlyte can help with Healthcare CIO Priorities

Optimizing IT Systems

Data center optimization naturally leads to cost reduction. Nlyte helps with reducing energy usage and capacity planning to improve density, machine learning to enable workload optimization, automation of workflow reducing human errors and overlapping personnel, as well as prebuilt connectors tying Nlyte’s Source of Truth asset data base to Facility, IT, Finance, and other BI systems.

Data Governance

GDPR, HIPPA, and other mandated regulations demand accountability for an individual’s personal data. Nlyte provides software solutions that ensure workload infrastructure is accounted for and properly installed, while reporting user access.

Cybersecurity and Malware Prevention

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Nlyte can see all things connected to the network. It can identify if assets are installed correctly and configurations meet security standards. Then it can provide delta reporting of changed and added devices to determine it is an authorized installation.

Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Analytics

AI and advanced analytics extend into the data center to deliver workload and energy optimization and predictive maintenance. Nlyte’s Machine Learning identifies areas to reduce excessive redundancy of systems and facility infrastructures. Additionally it provides the ability to optimize systems and user experience.

The March to the Cloud

Not all applications should go to the Public Cloud based on performance and user experience requirements. Before selecting what workloads to move you need to know what the existing costs are. Nlyte provides the data to monitor your physical infrastructure costs to help make the appropriate determination for a workload optimization initiative.

Nlyte Solutions for Healthcare


Asset Integrity Monitoring


Technology Asset Monitoring (TAM)


Data Center Infrastructure and Systems Management (DCIM and DCSM)


Machine Learning