Nlyte DCIM Connectors & Modules

Simple Integration breaks down silos and improves transparency

Nlyte out-of-the-box connectors ensure that your Service Desk, CMDB, BMS, VMs, and more are updated and sharing information with Nlyte DCIM and Asset Management solutions.

Nlyte Connectors Eliminate:

  • Additional development costs
  • Delays in implementation
  • Risk in future development support
  • Future scalability concerns

Nlyte connectors improve:

  • Financial accountability for assets
  • Service Delivery and SLA compliance
  • Personnel efficiency
  • Workflow coordination and accuracy

Connect Consistently. Create a Trusted Source of Truth.


Change Management


CMDB Integration


RF Code Asset Manager



We also support related solutions and tools from these vendors:

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Make a choice between the use of engineered custom coding or an off-the-shelf connector.

Don’t see a connector you need?

We have dozens more connectors and as your infrastructure evolves so does our connector list.

All Nlyte connectors and products support REST API’s to enhance reporting and allow for interfacing to additional systems.

Why build your own when we can help today!